Sustainable Innovation Services


Our Sustainable Innovation Services integrate
vertical leadership development, sustainability strategy design
and sustainable innovation to create integrated
sustainable value for your organisation.

We are not the center of the universe, not even a center of life on this planet. We are one of millions and our merit depends not on our ego, but on our contribution.

Peter Senge


Integral Framework

The Integral Framework is the most comprehensive lens through which we can perceive reality. Our behaviours and the systems we are part of, originate in our individual mindsets and collective cultures. To act differently as leaders and to create different results in our organisations, we first need to upgrade the individual and collective spaces from which we operate.

Leadership Operating System

We define Leadership as an “act of improving the ‘status quo’ while simultaneously serving as a role-model to others for one’s behaviour.”

The visible decisions, behaviour and actions a leader takes to create the final outcome is sourced from the invisible inner leadership paradigms from which leaders operate. As such, we will call the sum of all the invisible dimensions of leadership the ‘Leadership Operating System’.

To succeed as a leader in a rapidly changing world, it is insufficient to simply install new ‘apps’ onto an outdated operating system. To carry out the difficult task of leadership, the leaders today need to first upgrade their operating system.

New Leadership Paradigms

Developmental psychologists (Graves, Torbert, Keegan, Cook-Greuter) outline a vertical progression of inner development towards new, more nuanced and sophisticated inner leadership paradigms (operating systems). Leaders consistently living from these paradigms benefit from unheard levels of performance, inclusiveness and ability to reframe difficult problems. They are able to integrate seemingly opposing forces to design breakthrough products, services and radically innovative and sustainable organisations.

Evolution of Sustainability

Our inner paradigm filters how we understand and perceive our reality including the meaning we give to abstract concepts. As such ‘Sustainability’ literally means different things to different people. As our internal leadership paradigms evolve, so does our understanding of what sustainability means to us and how we want to translate it to the reality. Sustainability integrated in the core business as the next evolutionary step of sustainable value creation requires an embodiment of the described new leadership paradigms.

Systemic Innovation

Traditional ways to innovate and create value are based on existing leadership paradigms and linear thinking. To produce true sustainable innovation and reinvent our organisations to better respond to the technological and sustainability disruptions, we need to evolve our inner leadership paradigm and deploy a deeper, systemic innovation process. Theory U (Otto Scharmer) helps to generate solutions ‘from the future’. By bringing the entire system ‘in the room’ and utilising our newly gained leadership capacity, we can create radical sustainable innovations integrated in the core business of our organizations.

The RQ Framework

To help leaders develop the needed operating system to create integrated sustainable value, we have defined the end goal ‘RQ’ as a combination of cognitive, emotional, moral, physical, spiritual and state intelligences.

Leaders need to build clarity around their purpose, act from a future-oriented and sustainable growth mindset, source their actions in emotional awareness, display integrity and ethics in their decisions, develop and maintain their vitality and manage their own internal state.

These 6 key ‘anchors’ provide clarity, stability and resourcefulness in a rapidly changing world while at the same time, act as a launchpad into sustainable future. Our leadership development and innovation services are built on the above dimensions and ensure your leaders are equipped to take your organisation towards a sustainable future.


Vertical Leadership Development

Traditional leadership development is horizontal – it develops new skills and behaviours within an already existing leadership paradigm. To access and embody new leadership paradigms, we need a development that is vertical. We deliver both vertical and horizontal leadership development programmes to help equip your team with the needed leadership paradigm, skills and tools to lead your organisation successfully into the future.


We help you assess the current organisational and sustainability approach as a foundation for defining a new sustainability ambition and a corresponding sustainability strategy. We can provide additional support in calculating the carbon footprint for your organisation or your products, defining the materiality matrix with key stakeholders, translating the new strategy into measurement systems and processes and crafting a comprehensive sustainability report aligned with the new direction.


To bring the new sustainability strategy to life, we equip your team with the latest approaches and tools in design thinking, lean start-up, entrepreneurship, disruptive innovation and business model design. Through engaging virtual workshops and training programmes, we transfer all the necessary knowhow your team will need to translate your sustainability strategy into reality.

Innovation Sprint

We have combined Theory U and the Design Sprint process to deliver a 5-10 week virtual Sustainable Innovation Sprint to help your team translate the new sustainability strategy into implementable and value-generating organisational initiatives. You will design new products, services and business models, align your key stakeholders around the new direction and build a significant momentum within your organisation to move things forward after the Sprint. Sprints are usually run virtually with the members of your team who are guided through the Sprint process by our trained and certified coaches.



While we do have off-the shelf programmes, we can also fully customise each programme to your requirement included the content, delivery style, timeline and integration into your existing leadership, innovation and strategic programmes.


All our programmes are delivered virtually to maximise flexibility, convenience and optimise your available resources. We also have experience in finding creative delivery methods to fit limited availability or other constraints.


We have designed and been part of large-scale programmes including audiences of up to 200,000 people. We have experience in designing programmes and training materials to easily scaled delivery across large numbers of trainers and participants.


We have 15 years of experience of designing and delivering leadership and innovation keynotes, workshops and programmes. We have worked for both small and large organisations and delivered our work in more than 30 countries.


We have been trained in the latest leadership development, innovation and sustainability frameworks and tools which allows us to always select and customise the best avaialble approach to your unique needs.


We belong to a global community of 8,000 entrepreneurs, consultants and thought leaders in 130 countries that actively work with organisations globally on the topics of innovation, sustainability, strategy and business model design.

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