We exist to help build our sustainable future


As we enter the third decade of the 21st Century, disruption has become the new norm. Every organization today needs to pay attention to 3 disruptive forces that will shape our future for the rest of this century.



The speed of change that organisations face today is exponential, not linear. All industries are being rapidly transformed by exponentially accelerating technologies leaving former industry leaders way behind and opening room for surprising new winners. Adapting to this pace of change requires organisations and their leaders to radically rethink their strategies and demands radically new approaches to maintain competitiveness.


The success of Industrial Age has meant that for the first time in our history, humanity is bumping against the limits of the very environment that sustains all life on Earth. Circular Economy, Biomimicry, Cradle to Cradle Design, Integrated Reporting – sustainability has rapidly become a key concern for organizations. It is being embedded into the very core of business strategy enabling resilience, easier access to capital, sustained business performance and reduced business risk.


Our society has been evolving over time, in scale, capability, diversity and complexity. As we face some of the biggest challenges ever encountered, we don’t only need change what we do but also who we are and how we make sense of the world. As we grow smarter and more capable, we also need to grow wiser and more compassionate. We are being called to design new blueprints of how our world can work and it is the latter that will become a source from which a better future can be created.

We believe we're in the early stages of a sustainability revolution, one that will be larger than the Industrial Revolution with the speed of the digital revolution.

Al Gore


  • The average life span of a US S&P 500 company has fallen by 80% in the last 80 years. It is now 15 years

  • According to a research by Deloitte nearly three quarters of CEOs say their organisations are undergoing or preparing for digital transformation or a workforce/talent transformation and almost half say their organisations are undergoing or preparing for sustainability-focused strategy transformation

  • According to a report by the World Economic Forum, nature-positive solutions can generate $10 trillion of value by the end of 2030

  • EU Green Deal, a half-a-trillion European Union initiative aims to turn Europe into a climate-neutral economy by 2050, decouple economic growth from resources and ‘leave no person or place behind.’

We are living through an unprecedented time of change. Accelerating technologies and the imminent sustainability transition will reshape our society, economy and every organisation in the coming decade. There are great challenges ahead but even greater opportunities await for those who can grasp them.

The great work of now is to carry out the transition from a period of human devastation of the Earth to a period when humans would be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner.

Thomas Berry


We exist to help
build our sustainable future.


This ‘Great Work’ requires individual and collective transformation which is unprecedented in scale, magnitude and complexity. The solutions that enabled us to reach the current development level of our civilisation are not sufficient for the leap that lies ahead.

We guide leaders to evolve into the next level of development enabling them to better navigate the increasing complexity of our times and through our Sustainable Innovation Services, we help them create sustainable value integrated in the core business of their organisations.

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