Building leadership & organizational resilience


We are a consultancy working with leaders to upgrade their inner operating system and build future-resilient organisations.

Future Resilience means being in the best possible state of preparedness to face an uncertain and disruptive future.


A New Leadership
Operating System

We define Leadership as an “act of improving the ‘status quo’ while simultaneously serving as a role-model to others for one’s behaviour.”

The visible decisions, behaviour and actions a leader takes to create the final outcome is sourced from the invisible inner leadership paradigms from which leaders operate. As such, we will call the sum of all the invisible dimensions of leadership the ‘Leadership Operating System’.

To build future resilience in a rapidly changing world, it is insufficient to simply install new ‘apps’ onto an outdated operating system. To succeed in the difficult task of leadership, the leaders today need to first upgrade their operating system.

As our civilisation’s needs and principal activities changed across the course of human history, so did our social structures and the demands on people who took the positions of leadership in each of the different time periods. Survival, Tribal, Heroic, Hierarchy, Success and Authentic leadership have sustained our world to date and have contributed to where we are today.

However, due to the unprecedented nature of the challenges facing our world today, a new leadership operating system is needed to help us build the future we want to live in.

Integral Vertical Development

Leaders and their development need to be approached through an integral lens, combining their inner and outer dimensions as individuals as well as within the context of the collective systems they belong to and operate in. This gives us 4 fundamental dimensions in which leaders aspiring to successfully lead today need to grow themselves.

When leaders develop or acquire new skills, techniques and knowledge within their existing leadership paradigm, we refer to it as ‘horizontal development.’ When they access new leadership paradigms and develop towards a more nuanced and skilful way to make sense of the world, we refer to it as ‘vertical development.’

To help leaders build their future resilience, we need to combine integral understanding with vertical development tools and approaches to develop a radically new and effective inner operating system enabling unheard levels of performance, radical inclusiveness and ability to re-frame and resolve difficult problems.

Future Resilience (RQ) Framework

To develop future resilience in both leaders and their organizations, we have defined a simple framework with 6 key ‘anchors’ that provide clarity, stability and resourcefulness in a rapidly changing world while at the same time, act as a launchpad into the future.

At an individual level, leaders need to build clarity around their purpose, act from a future-oriented growth mindset, source their actions in empathy, display integrity and ethics in their decisions, develop and maintain their vitality and manage their own internal state.

At an organizational level, leaders need to ensure clarity of an overarching purpose, its translation into an effective organizational strategy and efficient operations, existence of ethical governance systems, resourceful culture and an ongoing capacity for agility, innovation and organizational learning and reinvention.

Our leadership development and innovation services are built on the above dimensions and ensure your organization can prepare itself for an uncertain future.


Future Resilience

We conduct a unique assessment of leadership and organizational future resilience which can be further combined with selected leadership, innovation, culture and organizational assessment tools. This provides a thorough insight into the current situation of your organization and informs the design and deployment of any subsequent solutions.

Leadership Development Workshops & Programmes

We design and deliver custom leadership development workshops and programmes for leaders at all levels of your organization to build future resilience in the 6 outlined dimensions of our framework. This serves as a foundation for the redefinition of your organizational strategy and new innovation and organizational initiatives.

Purpose & Strategy

We help to develop and align your organization behind a future-oriented purpose, organizational goals and a coherent strategy for their achievement. This helps to strengthen the future resilience of your business and serve as a basis for subsequent innovation programmes and other organisational initiatives. The purpose and strategy design process can be embedded into your existing strategic planning framework or can be conducted as a completely separate initiative.

Innovation & Organizational Sprints

We design and run selected Innovation and Organizational Sprints to help embed your purpose, ambition and strategy at the different levels of your organisation. Our Sprints can be used to design new products and services but also to adjust your existing business model towards scalable growth or embedding sustainability and circular economy principles in the core of your organization. All Sprints are run with members of your team who are guided through the Sprint process by our trained and certified coaches.



While we do have off-the shelf programmes, we can also fully customise each programme to your requirement included the content, delivery style, timeline and integration into your existing leadership, innovation and strategic programmes.


All our programmes can be delivered both virtually and presentially depending on your needs and available resources. We also have experience in finding creative delivery methods to fit availability or other constraints.


We have designed and been part of large-scale programmes including audiences of up to 200,000 people. We have experience in designing programmes and training materials to easily scaled delivery across large numbers of trainers and participants.


We have 15 years of experience of designing and delivering leadership and innovation keynotes, workshops and programmes. We have worked for both small and large organisations and delivered our work in more than 30 countries.


We have been trained in the latest leadership development, innovation and sustainability frameworks and tools which allows us to always select and customise the best avaialble approach to your unique needs.


We belong to a global community of 4,000 entrepreneurs, consultants and thought leaders in 115 countries that actively work with organisations globally on the topics of innovation, sustainability, strategy and business model design.

Build Future Resilience